At IES Terra de Turonio we have started to think about the design of our mascot... what will it be like? Are you curious? Follow our page to see what we create!

Each 1º ESO group will create a different mascot and then all the school will vote for one.

One class has decided....they are going to make a centaur! Have a look at the characteristics of their mascot.

Another group will work on creating a fantastic being, half horse and half...?

What kind of creature will this group create?

The next step is a collage to show what their ideas look like.

We are taking all the necessary steps to create three wonderful mascots, here are some more pictures. 

Here are the mascots!

Turonie (1º ESO A)

Turonito (1º ESO B) 

Terris (1º ESO C)

When they were all ready, all the school voted for their preferred one to represent the school. Click here to see the presentation we prepared.

These were the results:

Click here to see the presentation we made to show the results at school.

And here to see the presentation for our European partners.

Turonie in Doetinchem (Netherlands)

Turonie's arrival in Doetinchem.

Turonie in Catona (Italy)

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